Q&A with author Kjell Axel Johanson

ImageOn March 24, 2014 Mountainbrook Press will launch a new 30 day devotional book by pastor and teacher Kjell Axel Johanson. The book is titled Rise Above Your Chains and is based on Paul’s prison epistles. We recently interviewed Kjell Axel about his book.

MBP: Kjell Axel, tell us how you started out in ministry.

KA: As a young man I sensed a clear call from God, but I was a very reluctant recruit. I read about Moses’ discussion with God, in Exodus, dozens of times because I understood that I was being led into challenges that were far above my own abilities. Through the Exodus text God convinced me that he was the One to take on those challenges and that my part would be to just obey Him and to do what He told me to do. So, I finally said yes, and our life has been quite a ride, ever since.

MBP: What is the main message of Rise Above Your Chains?

KA: That God will prove His love, faithfulness and power to us, and through us, when we commit ourselves to listen and learn from the apostolic leaders of the Church, like Paul. By learning from their total trust in the Scriptures, their instant obedience, and their lifestyle of Biblical worship, we can experience something of the same dynamic life that they had.

ImageMBP: What is the most astonishing thing you see God do every day, in your life?

KA: What astonishes me most is that He truly loves and cares for me, and that He does it because He really wants to do just that.

MBP: If there was one thing you could tell other believers, being sure they would take it and apply it to their lives, what would that one thing be?

KA: I would tell them to take time in God’s word and then use 10 minutes to worship Him each day! I guarantee that their lives would be transformed.

Kjell Axel’s book is a guide to daily worship and transformation. Please check back soon, or follow us on Twitter @mbpbooks for news about Rise Above Your Chains and other publications from Mountainbrook Press.